Water Treatment plants & Bottling Water Treatment Plants

Water is one of the world's most valuable resources. Yet it is under constant threat due to climate change and resulting drought, explosive population growth, and waste. More and more companies are now looking at completely offloading their water management.

Water is a key input for some of the process industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, textiles, paper, breweries & distilleries, foods processing, semiconductors, etc. The source of water may be municipal water, bore well, lake, river or even sea. The quality of water differs from source to source. Even with the same source, water quality deteriorates with time. In order to maintain the consistent quality of manufacturing process output, the input water quality to the process also needs to be consistent no matter what quality of raw water.

We supply turnkey service for water treatment systems, as well as accessories and chemicals that can be used in conjunction with other treatment technologies. our people deliver products and services that make your products better and your operations more efficient. As a SAS HYDROTECH customer, you can rely on a company known for keeping promises and delivering bottom-line benefits.

Our Treatment Systems

  • Dual media (Manual/ Automatic)
  • Activated Carbon (Manual/ Automatic)
  • Iron removal (Manual/ Automatic)
  • Pressure sand (Manual/ Automatic)
  • Softeners (Manual/ Automatic)
  • Dealkalisers (Manual/ Automatic)
  • Demineralization / Deionization plants
  • Membrane and Micron Filtration systems
  • Boiler and Cooling Tower water Treatment
  • Clarifiers
  • Disinfection and Sterilization systems
  • Testing and Monitoring systems
  • Aerators and Deaerators
  • Fluoride, Arsenic and Nitrate removal systems
  • Advanced process separation system

Micron Filters

RO Plant

Chemical Feeders

Iron Removal Filters

Filter Media

Automatic Controller Valve

FRP Pressure Vessels

Disinfection Systems

Monitoring systems

Testing Equipments